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Faculty Excellence in Internationalizing the College Award

The Faculty Excellence in Internationalizing the College Award 2024 is for full-time faculty.

We wish to emphasize that this award is awarded to the faculty member that demonstrates success and innovation to promote globalization and multiculturalism in the curriculum and/or programming.

Submission Instructions: Please note that the following are general guidelines for applicants and not intended to be all encompassing criteria that each candidate must possess for consideration. Applicants are not expected to address each of the listed criteria; however, to be competitive, candidates will have significant contributions in the identified areas.

The award evaluates a record covering the past calendar year: January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023. Additional information from a previous year may be submitted if it helps support the application (e.g. continuing creative research activity, long-term curriculum development, etc.). Faculty whose first semester started in August 2023 are not eligible for this 2024 Faculty Excellence in Internationalizing the College Award.

Excellence in Internationalizing the College Award:

  1. Interest and enthusiasm for incorporating global perspectives into one's disciplinary courses and for promoting student understanding of these perspectives
  2. Interest and enthusiasm for teaching international courses and for promoting student learning in these courses
  3. Ability to arouse curiosity and to stimulate independent learning and the development of critical thinking in relation to international issues
  4. Ability to present international issues cogently and imaginatively
  5. Development of appropriate methods in assessing student learning in the area of international education
  6. Ability to assist students in participating in and achieving success in their international courses
  7. Command of the subject matter, including recent developments in international studies
  8. Sustained meritorious service rendered to the school, college, or university, in raising awareness regarding international issues
  9. Sustained meritorious input in raising student/faculty/staff awareness relating to international issues (Ex: workshops, content enhancement, curriculum transformation…)
  10. Facilitation of international alliances at the University/College/School levels
  11. Service activities on a global scale that include, but are not limited to, professional appearances, performances, consulting, serving on committees, participating in recruitment and placement of students, and serving to further the interests of a professional organization related to the individual’s area of professional expertise
  12. Participation in professional activities and research related to international issues
  13. Contributions in curriculum enhancements in the area of international education
  14. Contributions in facilitating and enhancing international student experiences
  15. Receipt of major international grants
  16. Contributions to enhancing the University image on a global basis
  17. Inclusion of other activities that may not have been addressed by the guidelines stated above

Process and Nomination Guidelines:

  1. The CCA Executive Planning Council will serve as the Faculty Excellence in Internationalizing the College Award Committee.
  2. The Committee reviews all submitted materials. One faculty from the College will be selected to receive the award. All full-time faculty are eligible for this award. All full-time faculty are eligible for this award. The Committee has the right not to select a recipient if they feel the overall award criteria has not been met.
  3. Nominations are accepted from a faculty member in the College, from a student, or a faculty member may self-nominate.
  4. School directors, the associate deans, and the dean may not nominate a faculty member for the award.
  5. The nomination form is found at the end of these guidelines.
  6. A person should not receive the award more than once in a three-year period.
  7. The nomination packet must include the following:
    1. Nomination form that includes a narrative statement from the nominator outlining the nominee’s internationalization and other pertinent data.
    2. A narrative statement from the nominee outlining the nominee’s internationalization and other pertinent data.
    3. Course syllabi when components of the nominee’s narrative include instruction.

    4. Any other information regarding internationalization provided by the nominee to support this packet, not to exceed 10 pages.

  8. All nomination packets are to be submitted electronically by April 1, 2024. Please submit to