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Outstanding Advisor Award

The College’s Outstanding Advisor Award 2024 is for anyone who serves as an academic advisor in the College of Creative Arts.

Submission Instructions: Please note that the following are general guidelines for applicants and not intended to be all encompassing criteria that each candidate must possess for consideration. Applicants are not expected to address each of the listed criteria; however, to be competitive, candidates will have significant contributions in the identified areas.

The award evaluates a record covering the past calendar year: January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023. Additional information from a previous year may be submitted if it helps support the application. Employees whose first semester started in August 2023 are not eligible for this 2024 Outstanding Advisor Award.

Excellence in Advising:

  1. Demonstrate strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  2. Demonstrate flexibility working with a diverse student population with various ranges of academic and professional goals and abilities.
  3. Have knowledge of the University, College, and School degree requirements that apply to your area.
  4. Monitor carefully advisee progress toward a timely completion of academic goals. This includes monitoring midterm and final grades.
  5. Be accessible to meet with advisees for advising matters.
  6. Help advisees create a semester schedule that keeps them on track for timely degree completion.
  7. Knowledge of College and University policies and procedures pertaining to all aspects of advising.
  8. Knowledge about University-provided advising systems (i.e. DegreeWorks).
  9. Knowledge of various College and University academic, personal, and professional resources to share with advisees when needed.
  10. Participation in and support of advisor development programs.

Process and Nomination Guidelines:

  1. The CCA Executive Planning Council will serve as the Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award Committee.
  2. The Committee reviews all submitted materials. Anyone who serves as an academic advisor for the College of Creative Arts is eligible for this award.
  3. Nominations are accepted from a faculty member in the College, from a student, or a faculty member may self-nominate.
  4. School directors, the assistant and associate deans, and the dean may not nominate a faculty member for the award.
  5. The nomination form is found at the end of these guidelines.
  6. A person should not receive the award more than once in a three-year period.
  7. The nomination packet must include the following:
    1. Nomination form that includes a narrative statement from the nominator outlining the nominee’s effectiveness as an academic advisor
    2. A listing of the advising numbers per semester for the review period.
    3. A summary of academic advising evaluations, if applicable.
    4. Any other information regarding advising activity provided by the nominee to support this packet.
  8. All nomination packets are to be submitted electronically by April 1, 2024. Please submit to