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Outstanding Faculty Service Award

The College’s Outstanding Faculty Service Award 2024 is for full-time faculty.

Submission Instructions: Please note that the following are general guidelines for applicants and not intended to be all encompassing criteria that each candidate must possess for consideration. Applicants are not expected to address each of the listed criteria; however; to be competitive, candidates will have significant contributions in the identified areas.

The award evaluates a record covering the past calendar year: January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023. Additional information from a previous year may be submitted if it helps support the application (e.g. continuing creative research activity, long-term curriculum development, etc.). Faculty whose first semester started in August 2023 are not eligible for this 2024 Outstanding Faculty Service Award.

Excellence in Service

  1. Sustained meritorious service to the School, College, University, national and/or international communities, and the profession.
  2. Service includes, but is not limited to, professional appearances, performances, consulting, serving on committees, and participating in recruitment.
  3. The primary criterion should be one of significant contribution/impact. There should be substantial evidence that a nominee’s service activities have had a significant positive effect.
  4. It will be important to note that the faculty member’s service activities are characterized by a continuous commitment over a period of time as opposed to one-time major involvement.
  5. Participants are encouraged to include other activities that may not have been addressed by the guidelines stated above.

Process and Nomination Guidelines:

  1. The CCA Executive Planning Council will serve as the Outstanding Faculty Service Award Committee.
  2. The Committee reviews all submitted materials. One faculty from the College will be selected to receive the award. All full-time faculty are eligible for this award.
  3. Nominations are accepted from a faculty member in the college, from a student, or a faculty member may self-nominate. Each School’s FEPT Committee will also place one name into nomination based on the review of the annual productivity files.
  4. School directors, the associate deans, and the dean may not nominate a faculty member for the award.
  5. The nomination form is found at the end of these guidelines.
  6. A person should not receive the award more than once in a three-year period.
  7. The nomination packet must include the following:
    1. Nomination form that includes a narrative statement from the nominator outlining the nominee’s service and its impact.
    2. A a narrative statement from the nominee outlining the nominee’s service and its impact.
    3. Any other information regarding service activity provided by the nominee to support this packet, not to exceed 10 pages.
  8. All nomination packets are to be submitted electronically by April 1, 2024. Please submit to