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Piano for Fun for Adults

For Adults (18+)

Registration opens January 8, 2024


  • Dr. Hooi Yin Boey
  • Kimmy Lin

Class Description

Piano for Fun designed for adult students who are interested in playing the piano for their own enjoyment. Lessons are taught in a group setting, enabling students to experience the fun and incentive of learning together with others. The instructor focuses on the abilities of each person within the group, and offers suggestions and options so that members can learn within their own comfort zone. At all levels a wide variety of styles of music is included, with work on chords as well as traditional music reading.

Duration & Details

Kimmy Lin Dr. Hooi Yin Boey
Dr. Hooi Yin Boey Dr. Hooi Yin Boey
I Want to Learn to Play
the Piano

I Want to Continue Learning to
Play the Piano

I Continue Playing Piano
I Enjoy Playing Piano
For beginners who have no previous or limited experience
For students who have completed the first level or students who have some prior experience
For those who have completed the first two levels; who comfortably use both hands.
For those with quite a bit of piano background. Music selected to fit the talents of the group.
8 weeks 8 weeks 8 weeks 8 weeks
February 15 - April 11 February 13 - April 9 February 13 - April 9 February 13 - April 9
6:00-7:00 PM

Room 2075
4:00 - 5:00 PM

Room 2075
6:30 - 7:30 PM

Room 2075
5:15 - 6:15 PM

Room 2075
$122.00 +
$10.00 processing fee
$122.00 +
$10.00 processing fee
$122.00 +
$10.00 processing fee
$122.00 +
$10.00 processing fee
For 2 levels
$235.00 +
$10.00 processing fee
For 3 levels
$350.00 +
$10.00 processing fee
For all 4 levels
$475.00 +
$10.00 processing fee

* there may be an additional in-class fee or request to purchase material


A class is usually cancelled when registration is less than five (5) participants. In case of cancellation of the class, all students already enrolled will be notified immediately. Submit your registration form as soon as possible to ensure your spot. We will reach out to you to process payment closer to the first day of the group class. Special discounts can be found on the registration form.