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RCM Examinations

The WVU Community Music Program offers the national Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations at the Canady Creative Arts Center in Morgantown, West Virginia. Fall 2024 exam dates will be available soon.

What is the The Royal Conservatory of Music?

The Royal Conservatory of Music (Canada) has been a leader in developing human potential through music education and the arts for over 135 years. The program is used by over 30,000 teachers to support 500,000 students across North America, and over 5 million RCM alumni have built careers in a wide range of fields, including medicine, law, journalism, and professional athletics.

What are The Royal Conservatory of Music Exams and why should a student pursue them?

The Royal Conservatory Music Examinations is a comprehensive program (theory, technique, ear training, sight reading, studies, repertoire) that assesses and certifies student progress (for most instruments, not just piano) according to international standards. Extensively-trained certified examiners are sent to our site to evaluate student presentations. The RCM Certificate Program provides a recognized standard of musical achievement through an effectively sequenced system of study and individual student assessments, from preparatory to advanced levels. Considered the foremost music education system in Canada, the United States, and many other countries around the world, its broad use has bound together individuals from these nations with the thread of shared creative experiences.

Read more about RCM's mission and guide to the examination:

I am already a CMP student taking RCM performance/written preparation lessons. How do I go about registering?

When students/parents register for the first time, they will need to create a log-in user-name/email & password. Remember this info for easy access for future exams. Each registrant will also need to have available:

  • the teacher's permanent number (if applicable if the teacher is a member) or phone number or email address
  • Once registration is completed, each student then gets a permanent forever "student number" to use for future examinations. Remember this number for easy access for future exams.

Sign up for the exams through the RCM official website or contact the WVU Community Music Program RCM representative and coordinator Karen Taddie at