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Her Campus

Her Campus is a networking resource, a career-building opportunity and, most importantly, a hub of like-minded people at WVU (and beyond) that all want to give voice to women’s empowerment.

Her Campus is a feminist and activist group on campus with an online publication. We publish 10-articles a week on everything from skincare to politics to healthy living.

We welcome anyone and everyone regardless of gender, major or writing experience. In addition to writing, we also hold meetings, writing workshops and team bonding events. We are part the National Her Campus organization and at WVU we are an elite-level chapter. We have previously partnered with brands such as Garnier, The New York Times and Diet Coke. Our goal is to empower college women while also providing a national platform for college journalists to have their work published.

Visit the WVU Her Campus Website


President: Elizabeth Howard

Faculty Advisor: Ashton Marra


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