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National Association for Black Journalists

The WVU Chapter of the National Association for Black Journalists aims to create a strong union among minority students pursuing degrees in journalism and related fields at West Virginia University for the purpose of receiving guidance from both the National NABJ and its professional affiliate chapters.

NABJ will expose you to enriching discussion, and connect you with journalism-related workshops, conferences and conventions. College is about strengthening skills, getting involved and building the foundation of your career after graduation. Let NABJ be the organization to help you do that.

WVU’s student chapter of NABJ is committed to:

  • Promoting academic excellence and journalistic integrity at West Virginia University.
  • Meeting for the purpose of exchanging journalism-related ideas and information through workshops, conferences, and lectures.
  • Informing members of journalism-related workshops, conferences, and conventions, and assist members with short and long-range career planning.
  • Serving as a clearinghouse for journalism-related internships, jobs, scholarships, grants, and awards.
  • Honoring outstanding achievements in journalism by members and chapter alumni.
  • Commending those who positively address issues of diversity in the media regarding hiring, promotion, retention, and coverage.
  • Informing other regions of the good works of student and professional journalists in Morgantown and the surrounding community.


President: Sterling Gibson

Faculty Advisor: Joseph Jones, Ph.D.


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