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Scene shop

Scene Shop

Sets that create atmosphere in School of Theatre & Dance productions are designed and built on-site by our theatre students and faculty.

The scene shops are located on two levels. The Lower Scene Shop houses most of our tools and equipment and serves as the primary construction area. The Upper Scene Shop is home to the painting area, finishing work, and metal work. Running between the two is a 60 foot wide paint frame which enables student to send flats, and constructed pieces up to the second floor for finishing. The frame is large enough for us to paint full scale drops for any of our theatres. The upper level of the scene shop is conveniently located on the same floor as two of our main theatres. It is adjacent to the Gladys G. Davis Theatre and across the hallway from the load doors to the Lyell B. Clay Concert Theatre.

Craft/Prop Shop

The Craft/Prop Shop is where small prop items are built. Here, students can upholster furniture and create most costume crafts. This shop is also where Stage Properties and Costume Crafts classes are taught.

Electrics Shop

The Electrics Shop houses the School of Theatre & Dance's sound, lighting and special effects equipment. With workspaces for equipment repair and maintenance, the Electrics Shop is the home to the lighting labs and classes.

Puppet Shop

The Puppet Shop is the shop where most of the puppet creations are made. Puppets ranging from larger-than-life scale to smaller styles-including marionettes, rod, and hand puppets are created here. It’s home to the touring company and the WVU Puppet Mobile.

Costume Shop

The Costume Shop is located on the second floor of the building not far from the six dressing rooms. The costume shop has 12 table-top machines; two-table top surgers, two industrial sewing machines, and one industrial surger. This shop operates with several industrial irons, four large cutting tables, and several hand sewing areas. The laundry/wardrobe facilities are adjacent to the two-room space along with the offices of our shop manager and the fitting room. Our storage space for stock is located two floors below, neatly caged in the trap room of the Lyell B. Clay Concert Theatre on the lower level.