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Degrees and Certificates

The WVU College of Creative Arts offers nationally renowned fully online degree programs. You'll be able to earn a degree from anywhere at your own pace while connecting with alumni in a variety of industries all over the world.

Graduate Degrees

B.S. Integrated Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications professionals are in every industry, in every corner of the world. If you enjoy being creative, analyzing people’s behaviors, and telling stories through a variety of media (think social media, video, digital advertising and more), this is the degree for you.

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B.S. + M.S. Accelerated Program

The WVU College of Creative Arts and Media offers a 4+1 option for earning your bachelor's degree in Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, or Integrated Marketing Communications in conjunction with a master's degree in IMC in just five years.

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Graduate Degrees

M.A. Game Design

Turn your game ideas into reality. Develop your own playable game prototype while learning design, theory and production to deepen your game design knowledge with real-world application.

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M.A. Music Business and Industry

Whether you own a music business, want to advance in the music industry or are looking for a pathway to teaching music in higher ed, this fully online master's degree will give you invaluable knowledge and skills to be a visionary leader in the music industry.

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M.S. Data Marketing Communications

Learn how to interpret data to customize both the message and the audience. The Data program is totally online and can be completed in 18 months.

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M.S. Digital Marketing Communications

Learn how to meet your audiences where they are through SEO, organic and paid search, display marketing, social media marketing, marketing automation, content marketing, multi-channel analytics and desktop and mobile user experiences.

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M.S. Integrated Marketing Communications

Every organization in every industry in every part of the world needs professional communicators. WVU’s top-ranked online IMC program not only prepares you for that career, but connects you with those organizations.

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Graduate Certificates

WVU's four-course Marketing Communications Graduate Certificates allow you to gain expertise within a specific industry area. Fill a knowledge gap in your company or move into an area of interest to you.

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