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We award scholarships based on criteria like academic merit, financial need, diversity, leadership and service. In-state and out-of-state students — including test-optional applicants — can qualify. And best of all, some scholarships “stack,” which means you can get more than one.

Scholarships for First-Time Freshmen

When you apply to WVU, we automatically consider you for merit scholarships. The Climb Higher Scholarship is offered based on high school grade point average (GPA) — and only for the highest level, GPA plus ACT or SAT scores.

Our merit scholarships are:

  • Automatic. When you apply for admission, we check your academic record for scholarship eligibility. It’s that simple. No separate application. No recommendations or essays.
  • Non-competitive. That means if your GPA/test score qualifies, you get the scholarship. You’re not competing against other applicants.
  • Renewable. These scholarships renew past your freshman year, as long as you maintain certain requirements.
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Talent-Based Scholarships

Several degree programs in the School of Art and Design, School of Music, and School of Theatre and Dance require a portfolio review or an audition. By participating in the portfolio review or audition process, students will be entered into consideration for talent-based scholarships. Students within Art and Design and Theatre and Dance programs must be pursuing a major in the College of Creative Arts and Media to receive scholarship consideration. Students in the Art History and Museum Professions major may submit a portfolio or a research paper in art history or a humanities subject to be considered for a scholarship.

WVU School of Theatre & Dance at the FREDDY© Awards

WVU Theatre & Dance is excited to participate with this year’s FREDDY© Awards! The award presented will provide a scholarship from WVU and the School of Theatre Dance, which when combined with other awards from West Virginia University, will be equivalent to the cost of university tuition. The award is renewable over 8 semesters of study. The Application will open on March 1st and close on May 8th.

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Graduate Scholarships

Competitive scholarships are available for students enrolled in some graduate degree programs in the College of Creative Arts and Media. Ask you advisor for details.

Graduate Tuition Waivers and Assistantships

In conjunction with the  WVU Office of Graduate Education and Life, the College of Creative Arts and Media provides University Graduate Tuition Waivers on a competitive and limited basis to enhance and enrich the effectiveness of its graduate programs.

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