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BA Dance Audition Requirements

The audition will consist of three parts which will all take place at Elizabeth Moore Hall during the audition day campus visit.

Dance Class: Ballet focused dance class lasting approximately 80 minutes.

Dance Solo: 90 seconds or choreographed material. Students should bring their audio with them to the audition. (digital media or CD is fine).

Dance Interview: Meeting between the student and the dance faculty to discuss the program. Parents and guardians are also encouraged to attend this meeting.

Students choosing to audition by video should submit the following

Video 1.) Consisting of a ballet class (work at the barre, center and across the floor). There is no need to show work on both sides.

Video 2.) A dance solo video should include a performance by the dancer in a studio setting. The performance solo should be in a style that best represents the dancer, their strengths and performance qualities. The video should be at least 90 seconds but no more than 4 minutes in length. Please do not include videos from public performance.

Students must also participate in an interview, scheduled through the Dance Program Application.