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Double Bass Audition Requirements

WVU School of Music Double Bass applicants must present the following at their audition:

  • 1 to 2 Octave Major and Minor Scales.
  • An etude from Simandl’s “30 Studies for the Development of Tone” or a book of comparable difficulty.
  • 1 to 2 Contrasting works from the standard solo double bass repertoire such as a Baroque sonata, a concerto, or solos of equal difficulty.

Jazz Emphasis and Jazz Minor:

Electric or upright are acceptable for the audition with the understanding that upright proficiency is required before completion of the degree program.

  • Play major scales with at least two fingerings for each scale (you may submit these with your audition videos, but may be asked to play again during your interview with the Jazz faculty)
  • Perform a solo transcription or traditional etude
  • Walk bass lines for 12 bar blues in at least three different keys at various tempi
  • Demonstrate a bass line in a bossa nova or samba feel
  • Improvise a walking bass on a jazz chord chart
  • Be ready to sight read bass line charts