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Graduate Piano Efficiency Exam

  1. All students will be asked to perform one piece. Choose a piece which best demonstrates your command of the instrument. Memorization is optional, and single movements of more extended works are acceptable.
  2. All students will be asked to demonstrate their command of functional keyboard skills with the following:
    1. Major and harmonic minor scales, 2 octaves, hands together, correct fingerings
    2. Cadences (I, IV, I, V7, I) in all major and minor keys, root position, first inversion and second inversion, correct fingerings
  3. Prepared harmonization of the following melodies:
    • Star Spangled Banner
    • Happy Birthday
    • Auld Lang Syne
  4. Sight Reading: Examples may include a harmonization with diatonic chords or two lines simultaneously of a vocal score or instrumental work with transposition of Bb, Eb or F instruments.

The exam will be administered by appointment.