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Tuition, Payment and Policies


30 minutes 45 minutes 60 minutes
WVU Music Faculty $73.00 per lesson $107.00 per lesson $142.00 per lesson
Artist Faculty $370.00 / 13 lesson term
$455.00 / 16 lesson term

($28.74 per lesson)
$545.00 / 13 lesson term
$672.00 / 16 lesson term

($42.46 per lesson)
$715.00 / 13 lesson term
$889.00 / 16 lesson term

($56.18 per lesson)
Senior Faculty $335.00 / 13 lesson term
$412.00 / 16 lesson term

($26.05 per lesson)
$495.00 / 13 lesson term
$609.00 / 16 lesson term

($38.48 per lesson)
$655.00 / 13 lesson term
$806.00 / 16 lesson term

($50.91 per lesson)
Associate Faculty $248.00 / 13 lesson term
$305.00 / 16 lesson term

($19.28 per lesson)
$366.00 / 13 lesson term
$451.00 / 16 lesson term

($28.49 per lesson)
$485.00 / 13 lesson term
$597.00 / 16 lesson term

($37.69 per lesson)

Program Policies

Private Instruction

Private lesson times and days will be arranged at the convenience of both the instructor and the family or student, following the receipt of the required fees. Registration and payment must be completed before a student can attend lessons. Teachers do not handle registration forms or tuition payments, so make sure you are in communication with the program's director.

Group Classes

Minimum enrollment of five students is required for all group classes to take place. In case of cancellation of any class, students will be notified in advance. As there is a limit as to how many students will be accepted to attend each group class, patrons should submit a registration form as soon as possible to reserve your spot. Admission into classes is on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you have been placed on a waiting list, we ask that you do not show up for the class unless we notify you of an opening. Registration and payment must be completed before a student can attend group classes. In general, students will not receive a confirmation regarding entrance to a class unless the class has already been filled or will be canceled, but you may call the office at any time to verify that we have received your registration.

Payment Policy for Fall and Spring Semesters

Full payment is due at the time of registration, which includes a $10.00 registration fee for all enrollees, new and returning. Registration and payment must be completed before a student can attend classes/lessons. If necessary, a payment schedule may be arranged for an additional fee of $10.00. One-half tuition, plus all fees is due at time of registration. Failure to maintain the payment schedule agreed upon will result in a $15.00 late fee for each missed payment and may result in the suspension of lessons. Suspended lessons will not be made up. Private music lesson fees are charged on a 13-week semester basis, unless otherwise noted. Music lesson fees include optional performance on recitals. Please contact the office for fees and further information.

Payment Policy for Summer Session

For students taking private lessons, the summer session is flexible to accommodate various summer schedules. Students may register for any number of lessons during the summer, depending upon teacher availability. The official summer term allows for a minimum of four lessons and a maximum of seven lessons, however, students who wish to sign up for more to accommodate a continuous music learning experience leading up to the fall term, may consult with their assigned teacher and/or the program's director concerning available options.


Eligible for the program's available discounts are:

  • Senior citizens (age 60 and up) who receive a 10% discount on ALL classes and private lessons.
  • All Community Music Program faculty, College of Creative Arts faculty, College of Creative Arts staff, and School of Music students who receive a 10% discount on ALL classes and private lessons.
  • Patrons enrolling in multiple Community Music Program classes and/or private lessons, who receive a 5% discount on each additional family member, instrument, or class. Discounts will only be applied after the most expensive of classes/lessons is determined, listed, and paid at full cost.


Registering students are reserving time and making commitment for an entire term of lessons/classes, and as such they are expected to attend all scheduled lessons and classes.

  • If the patron needs to reschedule or cancel a lesson they must notify the teacher 24 hours in advance. Last minute cancellations are accepted only for severe weather conditions, family emergencies and illness.
  • If the patron knows in advance about an upcoming school or other professional commitment conflicting with the lesson schedule notify the teacher immediately. Such action will result in effective lesson scheduling.
  • If the teacher is late for the lesson, the teacher must effectively and in a timely manner communicate this to the patron (email or text). The patron is asked to remain in the building for at least 15 minutes after the start of the regular lesson in case the teacher is running late due to an emergency.

Teachers are not obligated to make up lessons resulting from student absence and there will be no refund issues or adjustment in tuition.

If a lesson is missed due to the teacher’s absence a make-up lesson will be arranged. If a make-up lesson fails to be arranged after the teacher’s cancellation, please contact the teacher in writing to remind them and re-schedule. If communication fails and no make-up lesson is given, notify Dr. Eftihia Arkoudis at


Registering students are reserving time and making commitment for an entire term of lessons/classes. “Transfer” to another class or instructor is the recommended method for dealing with any issues that may arise during the term. In the case of a transfer, a $20.00 fee will be charged in addition to the $10.00 registration fee and the cost of lesson/class weeks already expired.

If the transfer is taking place following a teacher's request, no fee will be charged to the patron's account.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Registering students are reserving time and making commitment for an entire term of lessons/classes. For this reason, potential students are requested to advise with the teacher or director of the program prior to signing up for lessons/classes. Refunds for withdrawals will only be granted for the most serious of reasons, and made at the sole discretion of the program director.

In the event of necessary withdrawal, refunds are not commonly granted; they are not granted after the fifth week of the current term or if the request comes in towards the end of the term of lessons/classes. In the event that a patron or their family members register for additional classes/lessons during late registration period, the program will be charging full cost for the most expensive of classes/lessons. In the event that discounts apply, those will not be granted retroactively.

Any requests must be submitted in writing to the program director, and if approved, will take a minimum of four weeks to be processed. In the case of a withdrawal refund, a $20.00 fee will be charged in addition to the $10.00 registration fee and the cost of lesson/class weeks already expired. Because teachers salaries must be paid whether minimum or maximum enrollment occurs on any given day of a group class session, refunds are not granted for group class enrollment.

The WVU Community Music Program is not a free recruitment aid for the teacher's or patron's personal use. Community Music Program instructors are not required to teach exclusively for just the CMP. However, it is against the program's values to attempt to recruit CMP students away from the program. In a similar manner, if a patron has been matched with a CMP teacher through the program, it is against the program's policies to ask the teacher to terminate a professional relationship through the CMP in order to teach through another institution or privately.

Late Registration

Students may register for classes after the official registration period ends, as long as it is seven weeks before the end of the term. Private lesson fees may be prorated, but fees for group classes will not be prorated. Patrons are asked to pay the flat fee required to attend any group class, including the registration fee, regardless of how many classes they choose to attend. The patron must discuss with the assigned private instructor and agree on the format, number, and length of lessons. Registration payment will reflect this decision and no additional lessons can be added.

A $15.00 late registration fee will be assessed for any registrations received after the close of the registration period. Some group classes will not allow late registration or partial attendance, so the patron must check in with the assigned instructor or the director of the program prior to submitting the registration form and payment.

About the Term

During the Fall and Spring sessions patrons can either sign up for the lesson bundles of 13 to 16 lessons a term, which have a built in discount, or request for the minimum requirement enrollment of seven lessons. Patrons already registered for lessons are not allowed to extend the term by adding more lessons. The number of lessons you sign up for at the beginning of the term, is the final number of lessons for the running term.

If the patron and teacher continue to have lessons that are not paid for through the program's formal registration process and those lessons are not reported to the Director, then the teacher will not receive compensation until the patron pays the tuition fee of those lessons. Failure to process payment for unpaid lessons will result to a negative credit on the patron's account and the student won't be able to continue lessons until the debt has been paid in full.

Trial Lessons

The Community Music Program does not offer trial lessons to potential patrons. Patrons that have been matched with an instructor who offers a free of charge trial lesson and wish to continue studying with this instructor, must communicate this to the director of the program, submit a registration form, and pay the full tuition immediately after the trial lesson.

If the director of the program is not notified regarding a trial lesson taking place and if the patron has not taken necessary action to register and pay for private instruction for that running term, then the CMP instructor will not get paid for their time, expertise, and services.

A trial lesson is not a service offered by the Community Music Program. It is at the discretion of every individual teacher whether they wish to include it in their services. Please notify the director to ensure the teacher gets paid.


Visitors may park in the main lot in front of the Canady Creative Arts Center. During weekends and after 5:00pm on weekdays, parking restrictions are lifted in the parking lot, Area 45. Before 5:00pm on weekdays, the University will ticket cars without permits. Please be aware of this if you want to schedule lessons before 4:00pm on weekdays. Free parking is available at most times at the Krepps Park and the CMA Church parking lots across from the Canady Creative Arts Center. Paid parking is also available at the Coliseum and several short-term lots around the Canady Creative Arts Center. All parking on campus is administered by the WVU Department of Transportation.

Parents and Teachers

Although the Canady Creative Arts Center is a safe environment, parents are advised to accompany young children to and from their classes/lessons and not leave them unattended for any length of time. The teacher cannot be expected to be responsible for your child after class hours. Please be sure to keep in touch regularly with our teachers concerning lesson times. If you are not sure about a lesson time, please contact your teacher to make sure there has not been a misunderstanding. Communication is the key to preventing and solving problems before they turn into larger issues. Please be aware that our faculty have extremely busy schedules like you do. When you register for lessons, you have made a commitment, as our teachers have, to show up each week for the lesson/class. As much as we empathize with your busy schedule and daily issues that come up in your lives, our teachers are not obligated to make up lessons unless they themselves have cancelled. Please also be advised that no adjustments in tuition will be given for cancellations.

Harp Rental

The Community Music Program owns a Lyon Healy Troubador harp, located in CCAC Room 150, for use by our harp students.

  • Term troubador harp rental fees are $150.00.
  • Six-week Introductory Harp Class rental fee is $45.00.
  • Students who have advanced to the pedal harp with instructor recommendation may rent practice time on the WVU pedal harp for a Term fee of $225.00. Rental fees entitle students to one hour per day, seven days per week of practice time on the troubador or pedal harp.
  • Anyone practicing in the harp room on the rental harp will be required to also put down a $50 key deposit. This deposit will be refunded on the return of the key, at the term end.