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Quick Guide for Online Courses Quiz

Log into the WVU eCampus system and check your MIX email each day!


  • Read the Unit Assignment and Lesson files, any assigned textbook chapter(s) or supplemental readings.
  • Begin applying the readings and lesson to your initial discussion response.


  • Create your initial discussion posting in a word processor to assist in checking for grammar and spelling accuracy. Copy/paste your completed post into the discussion board.
  • Your initial discussion response is due by 11:55 PM Eastern Time.


  • Review the weekly material to prepare for the unit quiz.
  • Begin reading and replying to your classmates' discussion posts.


  • Continue reading classmates' discussion posts and formulating responses to a minimum of 4 discussion posts.


  • A minimum of 4 discussion responses to classmates' posts are due by 11:55 PM Eastern Time.
  • Complete and submit the unit quiz by 11:55 PM Eastern Time.