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Rehearsal Room Policy

Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis if not already reserved in the building schedule. If you are using a space that has been reserved by others and documentation can verify the reservation, vacate immediately.

  • Vivian Davis Michael Laboratory Theatre (VDM): Room 234A
  • Acting Lab (Slab): Room 239A
  • Antoinette Falbo Opera Theatre (Falbo): Room 2200

Procedures and Guidelines

  • Strike all lab furniture when you are finished rehearsing:
    • VDM – strike to the upper stage area.
      Slab – strike to the wall opposite main entrance
      Falbo – strike behind the room dividers in the rear.

  • Any properties or costumes used in scene study or rehearsals should not be left in the spaces if at all possible. The university is not liable for any lost or stolen items.

  • After class or rehearsal, all chairs should be stacked and/or placed against a wall clearing the space as much as possible.

  • No food and drink in the spaces unless properties for rehearsal or performance.

  • Brooms are available in the VDM, the Slab and the Falbo. Use when necessary. Do not rely on janitorial services to clean up any problem you may have caused.

  • The VDM and the Slab are primarily for the use of the School of Theatre and Dance and its students. School of Theatre and Dance students have priority to these spaces outside of class and production-required usage.

  • The Falbo is a shared space used by the School of Music and the School of Theatre and Dance. Cleanliness and use of the space is the responsibility of the faculty, staff and students of all disciplines.