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Mountaineer Musicological Community

The Mountaineer Musicological Community (MMC) is a student organization at WVU that exists to create an environment fostering student discussion of topics in musicology and ethnomusicology. Bimonthly meetings are academic, as well as social, in nature.

The MMC also hosts thesis and student presentation workshops, sponsors public symposia connecting graduate students across campus, assists with coordinating WVU hosting meetings of the Allegheny Chapter of the AMS, and organizes musicological activities outside of classes and surrounding visits by scholars to campus.

On 15 September 2018 (1:00PM–6:00PM), the MMC hosted the symposium Trailblazers and Hellraisers: Perspectives in the Humanities . The CFP for this symposium:

Innovation has come to shape life as we know it, from Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution to the modern-day #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements to the perpetual upgrades of corporations like Apple or Nintendo. Breakthroughs in thought and technology have been contentious, openly embraced, or ignored altogether. The Trailblazers and Hellraisers: Perspectives in the Humanities symposium seeks to explore innovation, creativity, and the incendiary people whose ideas have caused profound change, for better or worse. We welcome abstracts on this topic from both undergraduate and graduate students in any area of the humanities, including history, literature, philosophy, art, music, language, and religion. This symposium is an opportunity to demonstrate the strength and creativity of humanities research at WVU and to encourage interdisciplinary communication and collaboration university-wide.

Download a PDF of the full program of the symposium.

The officers of the MMC presently are: Paige Zalman (President), Avery Brzobohaty (Vice President), Julia Kuhlman (Treasurer), and Kayla Tokar (Secretary).