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Saxophone Studio

The West Virginia University Saxophone Studio, led by saxophone professor Jeff Siegfried, consists of undergraduate, masters, and doctoral students who are encouraged to pursue the full spectrum of stylistic and artistic possibilities that the saxophone offers in the ongoing pursuit of their musical dreams.

Life in the WVU saxophone studio

Each student receives a weekly lesson with Dr. Siegfried, participates in saxophone studio class, and contributes to the saxophone quartet program where they also have a weekly coaching. Students are encouraged to attend the weekly jazz jam session at the Morgantown Brewing Company, a unique and exciting feature of the WVU musical community.

Additionally, saxophone students perform in a variety of ensembles in the School of Music, including Wind Symphony, Symphonic Band, Big Band, Jazz Combos, and Chamber Winds. WVU is also blessed to boast two other world-class saxophonists as faculty members – Dr. Jared Sims, Director of Jazz Studies, and Dr. Michael Ibrahim, Director of the School of Music.

Weekly studio class serves as an opportunity for students to perform for one another and discuss important topics in saxophone pedagogy such as:

  • Mental Health in Music
  • Improvisation
  • Preparing for Auditions
  • Stagecraft and Acting
  • Performing Under Pressure
  • Musical Equipment
  • Famous Saxophone Recordings
  • Orchestral Excerpts
  • Resume Building
  • Reed Modification
  • Gigging at the Professional Level
  • Multiple Woodwind Doubling
  • Interdisciplinary Collaborations
  • Mock Teaching
  • Music Composition and Production
  • Women and Saxophone
  • Extended Techniques
  • Orchestral Woodwind
  • Social Media and Promotion

We also welcome 5-10 prominent guest artists per year from around the country to teach lessons and present at our masterclass.


Any student interested in studying saxophone at WVU is encouraged to reach out to Jeff Siegfried at to schedule a complimentary lesson and discuss the program.

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