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Trombone Studio

The trombone studio at West Virginia University is a collection of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students engaged in innovation in their chosen fields. An inclusive community of majors from across campus provides a passionate and caring environment for all students to hone their craft and work towards leading the way in the arts and their individual degree paths. 

As part of a land grant institution, the West Virginia University Trombone Studio has a duty to elevate the entire state through outreach and performance on a national and international scale. 

Conveniently located near several major cities, the WVU Trombone Studio and College of Creative Arts offer a scenic oasis for students to connect, create, and serve the state of West Virginia while enjoying the opportunities to innovate and inspire through our global community of professionals.

Life in the WVU Trombone Studio 

Trombone students of all majors work one-on-one with Professor Hakeem Bilal in a private lesson setting, in addition to participating in trombone studio classes and the WVU Trombone Choir. Students also have the opportunity to perform in our internationally renowned ensembles, including the  “Pride of West Virginia” Marching BandSymphony OrchestraWind Symphony, Symphonic Band, jazz ensembles, and chamber music ensembles. 

Students also have access to the many other ensembles and performance venues offered by the West Virginia University College of Creative Arts, including Mon Hills Records and Mon Hills Music Group, the professional component of the Music Industry Program at WVU. Current students and alumni have performed on several albums and in live performance with nationally touring artists as a part of the vibrant music community of Morgantown.

Studio Class

All trombone students meet weekly to perform for one another, rehearse in trombone choir, learn from prominent guest artists, discuss pedagogy, literature and collaborate on performance.

Trombone Ensemble

The WVU Trombone Ensemble has performed as a guest ensemble at the Cleveland State Trombone Day, Frühling Posaunen Festival, West Virginia Music Educators Association annual conference, and provides performances and educational outreach to the State of West Virginia and surrounding area. The Trombone Ensemble has been invited to perform at international conferences in 2024.