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MFA Exhibition Information

The following information will help you prepare for your upcoming MFA Exhibition.


You are responsible for installing your work. The gallery has most tools and hardware needed for installation. If you have any particular installation needs beyond normal nails, screws, shelves or pedestals, please let someone know or plan to provide them. Pedestals are in the Paul Mesaros Gallery storage closet. Pedestal inventory list will be sent separately. We have two moveable walls one in the Laura Mesaros gallery closet and one in the Paul Mesaros gallery. The gallery keys are in a lock box in the Art Office. Please coordinate with your fellow grads to share the keys. The gallery monitor asks that keys are returned to the lock box. We typically hang 2D work at 60” on the center. All walls are backed with plywood.

Signs & Labels

You are also responsible for labels for your work. In the past, clear labels have been used. (Avery Clear Full Sheet or larger clear shipping labels is recommended), cardstock mounted on matboard, or a map. Some students also prepare a binder with a statement, cover letter, and contact information.


If you want a vinyl sign with your name and exhibition title, you have two choices. You can use the vinyl cutter in the Fab lab. There are currently several colors of 24 inch wide matte exhibition vinyl (Black, Red, Dark Blue, Gold, and Dark Gray). Signs Plus or Signs Factory are other options if you don’t want to make the vinyl yourself. The turn around time is several days, so make sure to plan ahead.


The gallery does not take commission on sales. Any interested buyers will be sent to you directly to handle sales. Gallery prices will not be included on labels.


If you choose to make a postcard for your show, please use the Mesaros gallery postcard template. Contact Sam Boehm to get updated file at: Please make sure to proof your text to be sure dates and times are correct. Do not modify or remove the logos. Drafts of your postcards should be submitted for approval through the PR application one month in advance of your exhibition. The publicity form is required.


You are responsible for repairing the walls and leaving the gallery as you found it. The gallery has spackle and paint for your use. Lightweight spackle is generally used unless the holes are large. After sanding, use a small roller to cover the area. Please wash brushes/spackle knives thoroughly and put away all tools in the Laura Mesaros storage closet. Empty the trash if it is full. Please let someone know if anything breaks or if materials (paint, spackle) run low. If you are unsure about how to properly spackle and paint, please ask one of the grad assistants for a demonstration. If you do it poorly, the next person has to re-do it for you. Please do not hesitate to ask for advice. The closets should be left as clean as you found it.