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National Art Education Association

The National Art Education Association (NAEA), founded in 1947, is the leading professional organization for art educators serving 20,000 active members at pre-kindergarten through grade 12 levels as well as college and university professors and researchers, administrators, and museum educators. 

Other members include parents, students, retired educators, arts councils, schools—and others concerned about the critical role of the arts in teaching and learning. Members are located throughout the 50 states plus the District of Columbia, U.S. Possessions, most Canadian Provinces, U.S. military bases around the world, and 25 foreign countries.

The Association believes that all students deserve a comprehensive, balanced and sequential program of instruction in the visual arts. Further, the Association believes that the art curriculum should be led and taught by teachers who are certified and qualified in the visual arts and designed to provide students with skills and knowledge in the arts in accordance with national, state and local standards. Art educators are encouraged to strive toward rigorous standards and efficacy in pre-service preparation, ongoing professional development, pedagogy, ethics and inquiry in the field.

The mission of NAEA is to promote art education through professional development, service, advancement of knowledge, and leadership. In order to fulfill this mission, NAEA provides expertise, training, and resources that support professional growth and leadership, helping members affect the quality of student learning in their local schools, communities, and states.

The School of Art & Design maintains an active student chapter. Contact the School of Art & Design office for more information.